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Qualitax & Business Services has a portfolio of services to support the business development of the Hispanic community in the State of Texas.


LLC Registration

We help you create your company in the United States in accordance with the provisions of the legislation. Also from our experience we help you grow and evolve your business.

Business Accounting

We have a team specialized in business accounting issues, with all the experience to advise you on your financial decisions that are undoubtedly the basis of a successful business.


The business payroll has actions that entrepreneurs are often unaware of. We help you carry a payroll strategically and in compliance with current legislation.

Tax Returns

We have a highly qualified team to help you, explain and provide you with the best tools, so that you can make decisions when filing and declaring your business or personal taxes.

ITIN certificate

Qualitax & Business Services has a certification issued by the IRS to issue your ITIN with a photocopy of your passport.


We help you with the notary procedures. Includes wills; trusts; scriptures; contracts and declarations.


We help to apostille the documents that you require for your personal or business issues.

Contracts and Agreements

You need to prepare specialized documents for your business or personal, at Qualitax & Business Services we can help you.


Business Coaching

We see the need for our business clients to have a guide for the growth and evolution of their businesses. And for this reason, we have the Master Víctor Béjar Business Coach who has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to grow their mentality, change beliefs and develop for the success of their businesses.


Digital Marketing has become one of the most powerful tools to generate communities and leads in a specific way and reaching people who are really interested in our businesses with advertising. We have the Marketing area to help businesses grow in the digital world.

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"Consultoría Financiera"


Sandra Portales MBA, CEO of Qualitax & Business Services, advises you in a clear, simple and strategic way on the future of your personal and business finances.

A financial consultant gives you the opportunity to plan your finances according to your business and personal needs.

It supports you with a detailed diagnosis of your situation. Design improvement, investment and trade strategies. Advise the financial decisions that best suit you.


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